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Welcome to the SIREMAX® WEBSITE

You may be a progressive commercial lamb producer, or a producer of terminal-sire breeding stock, or someone who is interested in using modern genetic technology in sheep breeding. It’s good to meet you.

The goal of SIREMAX is to produce composite terminal sires that are superior to established terminal sire breeds in lean growth, commercial fitness and longevity, and whose selection is based on objective performance recording and BLUP based analysis.

The primary goals of this website are to tell you about the sheep we make, how we make them, and why we believe they will help you produce a better market lamb crop. A couple of clicks will take you to who we are and where we live. We look forward to your call or email.

There’s some background in About Us - how we started and what we have been doing for the last 18 years.

Click on SIREMAX Flocks and you will find that we have four production locations, and each location has its own web page.

Click on Genetic Progress and you will find information about the technology we use and the improvements in sheep genetics that we have made since our birth in 1993.

Click on Rams for Sale and you will find a list of coming yearling rams, and some older rams, that are for sale at the Siremax production farms.

You’ll find lots of other stuff sprinkled around. We hope you enjoy your visit and find it useful.

 Come back soon.

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